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with MLB Veteran & Base Stealer

Chase d'Arnaud

Why work on your speed?

  • Increases overall value as a player, both offensively and defensively

  • Speed never slumps. It is a tool that you will always be able to rely on.

  • Boosts overall athleticism

  • Crosses over to other sports

Sprinting is one of the most powerful activities a person is capable of. It forces the athlete to recruit and produce contractile velocities in the “athletic muscles” (hip and knee extensors) at speeds and eccentric loads that would be nearly impossible to achieve with any other training activity. This has great potential to improve athleticism across a broad spectrum of other movements and intensities.

After focusing on sprint technique for 3 months at Pepperdine University, Chase went from running the 60 yard dash in 7.1 seconds to 6.4 seconds. Speed quickly became a skill that elevated Chase's performance and value.

Chase is not just a speed coach, he is also a mentor who will forever be a resource for all of the baseball players and families that he meets through his speed training program. Countless athletes do not achieve their goals due to lack of mental fortitude, accountability, and misguidance. He is a strong believer that mindset works as a foundation for your experiences in this world. Having worked with performance psychologists such as Ken Ravizza (author of Heads of Baseball), Josiah Igono (Rangers), Geoff Miller (Phillies), and Bob Tewksbury (Giants), Chase is extremely passionate about the mental aspects of baseball. Adversity is all around us and the way we respond to it determines our future.

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Available to professional, college, high school & 13U athletes.

- 1 session per week & 2 sessions per week in-person program options

- Two sessions per week recommended** (1x per week during baseball season)

- Location: Los Alamitos & Garden Grove


If you are interested in working with Chase, please send in the application below.